Our Philosophy

GraziellaEditions is a literary company  where author and CEO Graziella Chabanel strives to engage all  her  readers’ senses. The company’s motto “Where Pen Meets Heart”© truly defines the essence of GraziellaEditions’ philosophy.  The author reaches out to her readers’ mind, heart and soul through her fine-tuned emotional depictions of people, places and life events, not only as she sees them but also as she feels them.   With great courage and integrity Graziella shows her vulnerability as she bares her soul, exposing her inner self. She captures her readers’ attention all the while touching their sensibilities. True to GraziellaEditions’ underlying philosophy,  the author dares to get out of her comfort zone; delving into a wide variety of contemporary topics, a way she views as “the only option to look at the world from a different perspective”.