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“My head is spinning! So many people everywhere! So much traffic! So much movement! So much noise! I seem to be starting from scratch, learning everything all over again. This is no short vacation—I live here, starting now.
I’ve lost my touchstones, the routine points of reference that de-fined my life for so many years. I am suddenly aware of how important these points of reference are—the sights, sounds, and movements that populate our lives, and that we take so much for granted. They place us within a context, a history—our history.” …



” I emerged on the 8th of August from a hollow of damp white sand on the island of Zakynthos into the velvety warmth of sea breezes and the fierce energy of ocean waves. My first memory is of the subtle aroma of lilacs. I will never forget this olfactory call to life; it was to become my refuge and my guide.

I became aware immediately of my body and all of its hidden recesses, to be unfurled, understood, inhabited. I could see, hear, think, and feel and, instantly, I was seized with a furious desire to meet my mother’s eyes. It was irrational, unreasonable, but it would not be denied: in order to exist, I had to see myself in her eyes. I knew intuitively that she was beautiful beyond compare. She had inherited one of the world’s most exquisite shells, with a plastron, ranging in color from pale yellow to creamy white, supporting a carapace of warm browns and vermillion reds in the shape of a perfect heart. This carapace was both her glory and her prison, but on the 8th of August, she knew only the glory. I sought her eyes—calling, beseeching—with all of my force and a will born of the violent love I bore her, but I never found them. She had already returned to the sea, spent, only too ready to leave behind a motherhood she didn’t understand.”

Translated from the French by Pamela Gilbert-Snyder


Forest Lawn 2015
She might have been named Aya or Uri, Reem or Lely. She was the mother of a friend, and she came from the Middle East. Her ancestors had settled in Syria on land bathed by the waters of the Euphrates. It is there that she was born. But she lived also in Lebanon, Land of Cedars, bastion of Christianity on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, a sea nearly enclosed by land. To her descendants she imparted something of the character of her native lands, lands of light, beauty, and Oriental spices, a hint of Aleppo pepper, mingled with sumac. The last three letters of her surname, “…ian,” left no doubt as to her kinship with a suffering people, a people wounded by history.

Translated from the French by Pamela Gilbert-Snyder

By Graziella Chabanel

An inspirational insight into the mind, heart and soul of the trials and tribulations of a non-typical immigrant. Graziella shares her journey describing her struggles and triumphs of her new life in Los Angeles after leaving her native Switzerland. Laden with captivating relatable stories, Graziella’s book takes the reader on an emotional, sometimes comical and even philosophical unforgettable voyage. The masterful way the author is able to translate her thoughts, feelings and emotions is second to none. A compelling page turner not to be missed by anyone!

Pascale Lanfranchi
Literary & Strategy Consultant


On the heels of her success with “Embracing the Unknown”, GraziellaEditions is proud to present Graziella’s new book: “KARETTA”.

From ancient times to 17th Century fabulist Jean de La Fontaine to the latest animated movies, poets, writers, filmmakers of all kinds, have tried their hand at using animals to tell human stories. To continue this time-honored tradition, Graziella offers her delightful yet thought-provoking latest book : “Karetta”.

In this emotional philosophical tale, a turtle named Karetta “journals” her thoughts, feelings and observations on the meaning of life’s ups and downs. Graziella invites the readers to get to know and follow Karetta’s initiative journey from her own birth to giving birth.

Traumatized by the fate of her life, Karetta gets depressed but, on the verge of falling into the abyss at the bottom of the ocean… Irma, a spiritual being with unconditional love for us all, explains to Karetta the spiritual truths of the world.

Through her powerful and engaging style, Graziella lets Karetta reveal a wide spectrum of human emotions. From heart-wrenching episodes to the healing power of redemptive love, from naItivity to the harsh reality of life, the reader will thoroughly experience the meaning of life according to Karetta.

Readers will certainly relate and identify with Karetta as she experiences situations that have, in their own way, happened to them. They will feel empowered and alive after reading and reflecting on all the pearls of wisdom cleverly injected throughout the book.

Sometimes quirky, sometimes profound, “Karetta” is sure to peak the readers’ interest as they go along and vividly experience the emotional food for thought rollercoaster that is Karetta’s life.

By Graziella Chabanel

Get ready people! Graziella strikes again with her third effort entitled “The Balancing Act”, a compelling follow-up to her successful debut “Embracing the Unknown”. “The Balancing Act” engages the readers to continue to share Graziella’s sinuous journey after her first two years in the U.S. Real life stories with new questions,challenges and triumphs…

An intriguing web of connections, a cornucopia of feelings and experiences, “The Balancing Act” skillfully depicts the next five years in Graziella’s life trajectory. In her signature style beloved by many readers around the world, the author recounts with relevance and boldness the most significant episodes that shaped “The Balancing Act”.