A Swiss native, Graziella Chabanel, dedicated over 30 years to educating herself and others.

With a relentless pursuit of knowledge, Chabanel kept honing her skills and attended countless seminars and teaching training programs. As a result, she earned a myriad of degrees including 2 Bachelors in Education, a Certification in Health Promotion and is a Certified Gym(R) Instructor.

Armed with degrees and enthusiasm, Chabanel held the position of CEO of Formaxe SARL, a company dedicated to help struggling and immigrant families in conjunction with providing support to teachers helping them.

In 2011, it was her turn to become an immigrant as she left switzerland for the United States. Graziella worked as a language teacher for a few years all the while discovering her new passion: writing.

Chabanel’s undeniable talent as a writer turned her stories of emigrating to Los Angeles into “Embracing the Unknown”, her first book which is currently available on Amazon and